When Portuguese sailors first saw Taiwan off the starboard bow in 1544 they christened it Ilha Formosa, the ´Beautiful Island´´.  And can you blame them? For 400 years communists, capitalists, imperialists and everyone in between have fought over its mist-shrouded forests, soaring peaks and plunging coastal cliffs. These days it’s definitely a case of ‘come for the adventure, stay for the stir-fries’, with some of the best fusion cuisine around, top road cycling, excellent mountain trekking and world-class coffee to boot. Also variously known as the Republic of China and Chinese Taipei, Taiwan is a destination that has most definitely come into its own.

Spring, Take A Rest, and Have A Cup of Taiwanese Tea

Find what´s the most unique spring experience in Taiwan? Imagine walking into the tea plantations, surrounded by Thousand Island Lake, and having a cup of tea. Isnt that relaxing?! Whether you´re a tea lover or not, you´ e gonna love the exceptional experience that way beyond your imagination.

Ancient China, colonial Formosa and ultra-modern Taipei

all yours to experience on our Ultimate Taipei Tour. You&´ll cover our dynamic capital´s must-see spots in style on this full day tour mixing tradition religious venues, historically important spots and places of scenic beauty. Highlights of the tour include a brief visit to Taipei 101, a trip up volcanic Yaming Mountain, an hour at the National Palace Museum sampling ever-so- briefly 5000 years of Chinese art and culture, and a delicious tour of the bustling exotic Shilin night market. It& ´s a whirlwind tour, designed for business travelers or visitors looking to experience as much of our capital as possible in the shortest time.

Taroko in a Day is specifically designed for visitors
pressed for time wanting to experience the majesty of one of Taiwan´;s most iconic, scenic spots. Youˇll fly out of Taipei at 7, meet your guide 50 minutes later and be stretching your legs beneath the towering Qing Shui Cliffs by 9 before heading into Taroko Gorge! As you wind your way through the gorge´s scenic road you´ll learn the area´s history, legends and more before stopping for a brief hike along Shakadang trail. After lunch, you´ll spend the afternoon visiting Swallow Grotto, Lushui Trail and Buluowan, three scenic areas offering different vantage points of the raging river below and majestic cliffs above. Finally, it´s back to Hualien for dinner at the Dongmen night market before catching your flight back to Taipei in time for a nightcap. Valid passport required and comfortable shoes recommended.