Golly, where to begin?
Positively massive by every conventional measure, China not only has something for everyone, but everything for everyone – lots of it. Culture? It goes back over 5,000 years here.
Landscape? Take your pick of mountains, plains, deserts, and rolling hills. Bustling urban centres? Over 20 million people live in Beijing alone. Diversity of experiences? Ask yourself our roster of trips and start making a (very long) list. We guarantee you´ll run out of time before China runs out of things for you to fill it with...
How to visit in the 21th century’s, most historic China sites?
From The Forbidden City on the Beijing, through the Shanghai Yu Garden to the Victoria Peak of Hong Kong, here´s how to learn about history firsthand.
How The best karaoke bars in Shanghai.
Where to belt out your heart to feel in the vibrant city...
Unbelievable walks through Hong Kong´s Old Town Central, for four types of traveller
Whether you´re food-obsessed or looking for a shopping spree, Old Town has always something for you, what do you need...
China´s Harbin Ice Festival:
By the numbers, the annual sub zero temperatures party is the largest of its kind in the world annual
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