Adnan Ibn Harun-Best male model from Bangladesh
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1.How did you get started in modeling?

  • I always wanted to be Superhero like "superman" since childhood. When i am watching TV shows or super models interview that time my heart told me.... why not you ? yes why not me. after that i am trying to understand properly about fashion industry. everyday collects models interview videos, how they walk with positive confidence, how they carry dress. information from Google,international magazine and try to copy that... after long time later i was create my one style. because i believe myself that's why i am only one who represent his country to world and i am here today.
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2.How long have u been a model?
It's been 7 year

3.what were the initial challenges you faced as a model?
It's very difficult to be a model . You need patience and your hard work. There were so many Models . So it's difficult to get the perfect opportunity because there is high competition but I enjoy the competition.

4.How they changed the longer you've worked?
Its changed my life completely . From beginning I always managing a routine which is my lifestyle now at the sometime it also changed my career goal and focus .

5.When did you first sign with an agency & what was that like?
In Bangladesh here not that types of agencies so I worked freelance but I did agreement with direct to the company before as brand a ambassador
Brand ambassador "Doors" (2010-2011)
Brand Ambassador "Ecstasy (2012-2013)
Brand Ambassador" le reve" (2014-2015)

Brand ambassador "Gentle Park"(2015-2016)
Now um working for Agency dat is "Jay"
6.what is one of your photographs from your career so far?
I enjoy every shoot but yes there is one photos which I like most . I did that shoot in 2014 for Ecstasy .

7.who shot it?
Riyad Ashraf

8.What do you enjoy most of your profession?
I can travel . I am represent a brand and meeting new people, new things and adventure

9.How would you describe a model life?
Rule maker life . You know what to chase and how to chase . So be a model everything I get which I dream for and till now it is awesome .

10.Do you think models are able to find long lasting friendship within industry today?
I think so . Yeah sometime situation drive us in different way .

11.What is your favorite thing to do when not working?
Go for a long drive,watching movie, listening music and Cooking .

12.How do you keep your body in good shape?
It's the most difficult part of a model like . You have to maintain it which means you have to training regularly & have to maintain your diet chart.

13.Whats your favorite place in the world?
Definitely my birth place Bangladesh but i want to visit Milan,Greece, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Spain etc.