What to do if you are interested in working with us

  • If you are interested in working with us or you are interested in one of our offers read the following:

                               when a:                         

  • 1.     If we already have your book photos + SNAPS + registration card than all you need to do is to send us an e-mail with the following: name of the casting + tell us that you are interested.
  • 2.     We DON'T have your professional photos, SNAPS and registration card, and you WANT TO GET REGISTERED send us your photos and download a registration card in the registration section (on the left)
  • 3.     You DON'T have professional photos – no problem
  • We will mainly need SNAP photos.

    What is a SNAP?: SNAP – check out section SNAP on the left or in this section below.

    DON`T FORGET TO ALWAYS SIGN YOUR NAME – this means your name and surname. We will no longer answer unsigned emails. JAY

    How to register?

    If you are interested in registration, send us your photos and fill out our registration card. Feel free to send us your photos, resized. We are looking for male and female models who truly want to work. We are here for you.




SNAP photos for assessment of your disposition.

 ·        no makeup

·        bikini or underwear, best in the same color

·        hair natural ( no hairstyles)

·        monochromatic background if possible

·        size 400x600 will be sufficient, jpg format