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Tours of the Asia
Our goal is not to sell you a dozen tours with accommodation in an average hotel where you spend endless hours on the bus. In cooperation with Business Affairs Ltd., We want to show you the most beautiful places in Asia, to stay in exceptional resorts and we want you to enjoy the traveling with the people you like.

Ivana Jay Sojková 
Founder and director of the Jay Travel Agency
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4 exlusive coverś - Luxury Travel magazine Tlačiť
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Lenka Josefiova for 4x coverś the Xpedition exlusive travel magazine Middle East
China Tlačiť
Golly, where to begin?
Positively massive by every conventional measure, China not only has something for everyone, but everything for everyone – lots of it. Culture? It goes back over 5,000 years here.
Landscape? Take your pick of mountains, plains, deserts, and rolling hills. Bustling urban centres? Over 20 million people live in Beijing alone. Diversity of experiences? Ask yourself our roster of trips and start making a (very long) list. We guarantee you´ll run out of time before China runs out of things for you to fill it with...
How to visit in the 21th century’s, most historic China sites?
From The Forbidden City on the Beijing, through the Shanghai Yu Garden to the Victoria Peak of Hong Kong, here´s how to learn about history firsthand.
How The best karaoke bars in Shanghai.
Where to belt out your heart to feel in the vibrant city...
Unbelievable walks through Hong Kong´s Old Town Central, for four types of traveller
Whether you´re food-obsessed or looking for a shopping spree, Old Town has always something for you, what do you need...
China´s Harbin Ice Festival:
By the numbers, the annual sub zero temperatures party is the largest of its kind in the world annual
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Taiwan Tlačiť
When Portuguese sailors first saw Taiwan off the starboard bow in 1544 they christened it Ilha Formosa, the ´Beautiful Island´´.  And can you blame them? For 400 years communists, capitalists, imperialists and everyone in between have fought over its mist-shrouded forests, soaring peaks and plunging coastal cliffs. These days it’s definitely a case of ‘come for the adventure, stay for the stir-fries’, with some of the best fusion cuisine around, top road cycling, excellent mountain trekking and world-class coffee to boot. Also variously known as the Republic of China and Chinese Taipei, Taiwan is a destination that has most definitely come into its own.

Spring, Take A Rest, and Have A Cup of Taiwanese Tea

Find what´s the most unique spring experience in Taiwan? Imagine walking into the tea plantations, surrounded by Thousand Island Lake, and having a cup of tea. Isnt that relaxing?! Whether you´re a tea lover or not, you´ e gonna love the exceptional experience that way beyond your imagination.

Ancient China, colonial Formosa and ultra-modern Taipei

all yours to experience on our Ultimate Taipei Tour. You&´ll cover our dynamic capital´s must-see spots in style on this full day tour mixing tradition religious venues, historically important spots and places of scenic beauty. Highlights of the tour include a brief visit to Taipei 101, a trip up volcanic Yaming Mountain, an hour at the National Palace Museum sampling ever-so- briefly 5000 years of Chinese art and culture, and a delicious tour of the bustling exotic Shilin night market. It& ´s a whirlwind tour, designed for business travelers or visitors looking to experience as much of our capital as possible in the shortest time.

Taroko in a Day is specifically designed for visitors
pressed for time wanting to experience the majesty of one of Taiwan´;s most iconic, scenic spots. Youˇll fly out of Taipei at 7, meet your guide 50 minutes later and be stretching your legs beneath the towering Qing Shui Cliffs by 9 before heading into Taroko Gorge! As you wind your way through the gorge´s scenic road you´ll learn the area´s history, legends and more before stopping for a brief hike along Shakadang trail. After lunch, you´ll spend the afternoon visiting Swallow Grotto, Lushui Trail and Buluowan, three scenic areas offering different vantage points of the raging river below and majestic cliffs above. Finally, it´s back to Hualien for dinner at the Dongmen night market before catching your flight back to Taipei in time for a nightcap. Valid passport required and comfortable shoes recommended.
South Korea Tlačiť
A complex past, a rich present: Thousands of years of complex history have culminated in South Korea – a place that has finally and fully come into its own as a world-class travel destination. Its shimmering capital, Seoul, has few rivals that can match it for size (it’s the world’s third-largest city) and sheer coolness.
For lovers of exotic nature, South Korea’s mountainous national parks might best be described as otherworldly. And no trip here is all that it can be without a visit in the south to the pristine white beaches of Jeju Island. South Korea is both Eastern and Western; traditional and cutting-edge. With all its contradictions, this is a place you’ll remember forever.
Korean food
Korean food is known for its spicy flavour profiles. Wherever you may visit in the country, dishes like the traditional bibimbap will keep you well fueled.

Traditional temples

The temples and designated religious sites throughout the country are known to be
some of the best-preserved sacred attractions in all of East Asia.

Busan city
Bustling with life, South Korea’s second largest city offers mountains, water, a super cool bridge, and the world-famous Jagalchi Fish market.

Jeju island
The stunning white-sanded beaches on volcanic Jeju Island are exactly what you’ll want (and need) after experiencing South Korea’s history and culture.
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  • Shooted in Soul 
  • during World Contest
  • awarded as New Star 2015 -LBMA
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Saudi Arabia Tlačiť
The birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia encompasses a vast expanse of arid desert and mountains. The second largest country in the Arab world (after Algeria), it covers some 2,150,000 square kilometres and is the only nation with coastlines on both the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Home to Mecca and Medina, the Kingdom is the spiritual caretaker of the two holiest shrines in the Islamic world, a role it takes very seriously. Staunchly traditional, the country’s citizens are required by law to be Muslims and it is one of the few places on earth that has a ‘religious’ police force.

But this is also a land with a vibrant cultural pedigree.
Away from the glamour and glitter of its oil-rich modern cities, the country is strewn with World Heritage sites and remote mountain villages. Amongst the rock-hewn splendours of Madain Saleh you can find Nabatean treasures on a par with those at Petra, while the mud-brick ruins of Diriyah provide a fascinating insight into the origins of the Saud Dynasty. The mountains of the south-west are home to a surprising collection of traditional villages that still evoke echoes of the past, whilst the haunting ruins of Al Ula provide a chance to explore one of the most im pressive ghost towns anywhere in the Middle East.
Enigmatic and intriguing,
Saudi Arabia by its very nature is one of the last great adventures left to discover.
A land of arid desert and scorched mountains
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia conjures up all the romance and adventure of the golden age of discovery. The only country on the Arabian Peninsula with a foot in both the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, the birthplace of Islam is one of the most difficult and enigmatic countries on earth to visit.

Beginning in Jeddah
tis astonishing journey takes us deep into the heart of its ancient landscapes, visiting sites that few travelers from beyond the Arab world have ever seen.

Blessed with a remarkable cultural heritage
we will visit spectacular World Heritage sites and ancient ghost cities, discover the beautiful Ottoman houses of historic Jeddah and the remote mountain villages of the south-west. At Al Ula we also get a chance to explore the archaeological wonder of the rock-hewn setting of Madain Saleh, before leaving the desert behind and heading back to the azure waters of the Red Sea and Jeddah
India Tlačiť
No matter how much you've done or how many countries you've visited, when you first arrive in India it will hit you like a gale force wind.
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Wonderfully different, there is nothing quite like India. Travel a lot? No matter how much you´ve done or how many countries you´ve visited, when you first arrive in India it will hit you like a gale force wind; a hurricane of sounds, smells, and colour where nothing is as it seems. Travel to India reveals a country that is both mesmerizing, exotic, exciting, and mystical but at times frustrating, confusing, and chaotic. Relax, stay calm, be patient, and smile and India will open up herself to you in all her splendid glory.
For many travellers, India can serve up a healthy dose of culture shock
in nearbyepal, the vibe is much more relaxed. What both of these countries have in common, however, are programs set up to empower each country´s formidable local women.
Women on Wheels
With this program, you´ll get an airport transfer in Delhi from a taxi company run exclusively by women. You’ll not only support one of more than 20 women employed as taxi drivers — you’ll also arrive safely at your first night’s accommodation in this bustling city.

The Ramraja restaurant in Orchha
Beside the Orchha Palace is a small restaurant called Ramraja. So, after walking yourself off your feet in the palace, you can come here for a wonderful lunch — and a delicious mango ice cream for dessert!

Cooking with Rajni
Would you rather learn how to cook Indian food yourself? Then you should definitely visit Rajni in Orchha. She’s been running cooking classes out of her home for more than a decade, showing travellers how to bring Indian flavours into their own kitchens long after their trip is over.

Barauli Community Homestay
Ever been on safari? In Nepal’s Chitwan National Park, you can see the rare one-orned rhino (which lives only in Nepal) in the wild — and, if you’re lucky, you might even spot one of the elusive tigers that live here. In the evening, at the Barauli homestay, a large group of women will perform the traditional dance of the Tharu — and you can even join in if you like. This community also has its roots in a not-for- profit project supported by the Planeterra Foundation.

You love naan, right?
Of course you do. In most Indian restaurants I’ve eaten in outside of India, there’s usually a variety of naan and sometimes roti available. And they´re delicious! But in India, there’s a wide variety of different types of delicious breads to choose from, which vary from region to region. So move over, naan: you’ve got some really delicious, mouth-watering competition. Look for any of these six breads the next time you’re in India (or when at an Indian restaurant close to home), and eat to your stomach´s content.

Kulcha is a kind of variation of naan.
The mildly leavened flatbread is primarily a Punjabi Dish. Made from maida flour, Kulcha is cooked in a tandoori oven. It’s typically brushed with ghee, and sometimes other seasonings. Lots of variations exist, such as stuffed kulchas, which commonly include paneer, onions, and potatoes. The city of Amritsar is famous for its kulchas, which are stuffed with potatoes, spices, and other stuff that puts a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

Parotta is a layered flatbread.
It’s a staple commonly found throughout South India, particularly in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It´s soft, delicate, sometimes flaky, and always great when dipped into your curry. It’s made by kneading flour, sometimes egg, ghee, and water. The mix is then beaten into thin layers, which are then spiralled into a ball, and then flattened. Many variations exist. Try it for breakfast.
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Pakistan Tlačiť
It was Pakistan, and in particular the Northwest Frontier, that witnessed the birth of Wild Frontiers back in the late 1990s. Since then it has become something of our spiritual home, hosting numerous trips by both groups and tailor-made clients. We even have our own exclusive hideaway, built on land by the Kalash people themselves; so it is fair to say the country is very close to our hearts.

Sharing its borders with Afghanistan, China and India,
Northern Pakistan is a region of astonishing ethnic diversity and immense natural beauty, much of it practically still undiscovered by mainstream tourism. Amongst the richly varied tribes of the Northwest Frontier, hospitality is a way of life, filling your days with experiences as warm and welcoming as the plentiful cups of sweet green tea. Whether wandering the bazaars of Lahore, haggling with Pathans over a Kashmiri shawl, or walking through scented pine forests of the Hindu Kush, after nearly a decade and a half we have grown very adept at negotiating our way around the political and cultural complexities of this fascinating country.

So forget the negative press
and come with us on a journey into a land whose very breadth and beauty will fill the heart of even the most seasoned traveler with a sense of wonder.
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Sum up Asia in a paragraph? Tlačiť
Sum up Asia in a paragraph? Good luck. Positively massive by just about every measure, the sole thread that unites this diverse continent is the sheer diversity of experiences it presents to travellers. Arid deserts and towering peaks; secluded temples and bustling markets; tiny villages and sprawling cities; ancient history and cutting-edge modernity; teeming crowds and places so remote you won’t find another human being around for miles - Asia encompasses all this and so, so, so much more. Don’t expect to absorb it all; dive on in and let it seep into your skin...
Tours Tlačiť
We organize unique tours, various attractions and entertainments, while as an option for everyone, the Traveling Beauty Queen - personal accompaniment by our beauty queens.

For the sake of uniqueness, we design and organize each client's tailored holiday / trips, after completing the entry questionnaire and forwarding to personal mail.  Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovými robotmi, potrebujete mať zapnutý Javascript aby ste ju mohli vidieť.      
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